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General Conditions of the Carriage of Cargo

General Conditions

1. The tariff is applied by Polferries, Polish Baltic Shipping Co. rendering services contained within this tariff. The tariff refers to the cargo shipment by the ferry between Ports Świnoujście - Ystad and v.v. and ticket for the Öresund bridge. On behalf of Polferries, the Shipowners, their Agents are authorized to adhere terms and conditions provided in the tariff. 

2. The charges contained within this tariff are valid, provided not otherwise agreed between parties contracting the services.

3. All freight rates, charges and terms are subject to alteration without prior notice. 

4. The tariff rates are expressed in Swedish Crowns. The conversion of rates into currency of payment to be effected according to the average exchange rate of the NBP 0800 hrs from the date of rendering of services. The currency and financial regulations in force in the Republic of Poland, to be applied for all payments arising from this tariff. 

5. The Owners reserve the right to apply bunker surcharge according to the         respective increase on fuel price (BAF clause), LSS (Low Sulphur Surcharge) or in case of changes in the international currency situation all rates are subject to adjustment accordingly currency adjustment factor (CAF clause) details of which may be obtainable from the Shipowners or their Agents.

6. The rates of freight and charges in this tariff are net, unless otherwise stated in the tariff.

7.  All charges expressed in percentages to be calculated on the basic rates.

8. Invoices are issued free of charge in one original and one copy, to the party ordering services. Additional invoice issuing costs of SEK 20,-.

9. Responsibility of the performer in respect of services rendered is determined by General Conditions and stipulations contained in this tariff and by additional regulation in force, if any. In any unsettled cases Law of the Polish Republic to be applied. 

10. General Conditions of the Cargo Carriage constitute an integral part of this tariff.

11. With regard to other services performed by the ports are on written order and separate port tariffs to be applied.

General Provisions

1. For the calculation of the charges for mobile cargo to be applied rate for the each commenced meter of length.

2. The Shipowners perform services only on written order sent by fax, email, or internet reservation.

3. The customer is obliged to declare to the Shipowners:
destination of the cargo, number of pieces, gross weight, capacity in cubic meters, 
length of the mobile cargo,
special requirements of the cargo,
kind of packing and marks of the cargo,
with respect to the dangerous goods, class of danger IMDG as per classification of the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

4. On basis of the provision and rates of this tariff, the Shipowner may charge lumpsum charges for the services agreed upon with the Customer.

5. The tariff rates are applicable in respect of merchandise on normal trade condition only, which cause no additional difficulty, and which are carried out in normal holds. Otherwise any extra charges to be paid.

Conditions of Carriage as per:

- Cargo Ticket (Lorries and Road Trailers)

Tariff for Mobile Cargo

Tariff for Mobile Cargo Price in SEK
Lorries and Road Trailers (Cargo Ticket) are subject to:
width max. - 2,8 m
- 7 ts / axle if distance between axles is less than 1,3 m 
- 10 ts / axle if distance is more than 1,3 m
length max. - 24 m
Lorries in excess of 6 meter length
per each commenced meter of length
Small cargo vehicles up to 6 m length per unit
Passage, berth, and meals for one driver are included in the rate.
W stawkę frachtową wliczony jest przejazd, miejsce w kabinie i wyżywienie jednego kierowcy.  
Minimal freight 1350
Second driver
o/w (passage, berth, meals included)
For connection to the ship's electrical system/power points extra charge to be levied of 10% extra calculated on the basic rate. 
The ship is not responsible for heating or temperature.
Width, Length or Heavy Cargo Surcharges - see Terms and Conditions.

Dangerous Cargo: Terms and Cond.

Dangerous Cargo: Terms and Cond. Price in SEK
Dangerous Goods classes 2.2, 3III, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 8 and 9 are accepted for shipment (also in Containers and Lorries/Road Trailers) provided that the international regulations according to IMO-Code are fulfilled and a written declaration "Form of Application and Certificate Forwarding /Shipment of Dangerous Goods" furnished before shipment. Notification of the intended shipment of dangerous cargoes must be given at time of booking. Order Bills of Lading are not accepted.
Surcharge for Containers and Lorries / Road Trailers containing Dangerous Goods:
for parcels up to 4,999 kos 450 / unit
for parcels 5,000 - 9,999 kos 700 / unit
for parcels 10,000 kos and over 900 / unit
for empty uncleaned unit 1000 / unit

Surcharges for Heavy Cargo / Weight Surchargs

The rates in this tariff apply to Pieces and Packages of not more than 3.000 kos.
Pieces and Packages in excess of 3.000 kilos (general cargo) or in excess of weight: 
- 7 ts / axle if distance between axles is less than 1,3 meter
- 10 ts / axle if distance is more than 1,3 meter (Containers and Lorries/Road Trailers) are subject to weight surcharge as follows:
3.001 - 10.000 kos + 10% on basic rate
10.001 - 20.000 kos + 20% on basic rate
over - 20.000 kos + 40% on basic rate

Surcharges for Dimensions / Width and length Surchare

Pieces and Packages on Roll Trailers or Lorries or Road Trailers or other Mobile Cargo:
width 2,81 m - 3,00 m + 30% on tariff rate
width 3,01 m - 3,60 m + 75% on tariff rate
width 3,61 m - and over + 100% on tariff rate
Pieces and Packages in excess of 12 meters length (general cargo) or in excess of 24 meters length (Lorries and Road Trailers) as per agreement.
For parcels which are subject to Length and Weight Surcharges, greater surcharge should be applied only.


In 2008, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted a resolution amending Annex VI to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).
The revised Annex VI imposes strict limits of sulphur content allowed in marine fuels used by vessels sailing in SOx Emission Control Areas (SECA) which also incorporate the Baltic Sea. The objective of amended provisions of Annex VI was to limit to 1% the content of sulphur in the fuel as from 1st July 2010 and, subsequently, to further reduce the said limit to 0.1% as from 1st January 2015

Fulfilment of these very strict requirements means that all Shipowners operating within the SECA Region shall be required to adapt their fleet, which in most of the cases means the necessity of use of expensive low sulphur content fuel MGO instead of the so-called heavy fuel oil IFO.

Hereby we inform that ongoing trend on fuel market allows to verification of  LSS (Low Sulfur Surcharge). LSS surcharge are as bellow:

- 19 SEK / 2.08 EUR per each commenced meter of vehicles on Świnoujście - Ystad/Świnoujście Copenhagen via Ystad line, and

- 45 SEK / 4.93 EUR per each commenced meter of vehicles on Gdańsk - Nynashamn line.

Low Sulfur Surcharge MARPOL-LSS is constant. In the case of the subsequent changes in fuel prices, adjustments will be applied in current BAF fuel surcharge.

Bunker Surcharge (BAF)

Please note that in view of the current situation in oil international markets, Polish Baltic Shipping- Polferries has decided to decrease their BAF bunker surcharge rates down to the levels as presented below. These new BAF figures will enter into force as from  the 16th of October 2017 and will remain valid until  further notice.

Line Gdańsk-Nynäshamn and v.v. : SEK EUR
per unit of cargo up to 7 meters length 287 SEK 30 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 7 up to 12 meters length 410 SEK 43 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 12 up to 16 meters length 574 SEK 60 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 16 up to 21 meters length 697 SEK 73 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 21 up to 28 meters length 1025 SEK 107 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess 28 meters length 1435 SEK 150 EUR
Line Świnoujście - Ystad and v.v. : SEK EUR
per unit of cargo up to 7 meters length 70 SEK 7 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 7 up to 12 meters length 100 SEK 10 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 12 up to 16 meters length 140 SEK 15 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 16 up to 21 meters length 170 SEK 18 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess of 21 up to 28 meters length 250 SEK 26 EUR
per unit of cargo in excess 28 meters length 350 SEK 36 EUR

In accordance with the Polferries’ General Conditions the BAF surcharge is calculated upon monthly average daily USD barrel price for Brent Crude oil quoted by Intercontinental Exchange in London and converted for rates per units on respective lines and fluctuation in US Dollar rate of exchange and Scandinavian currencies. 

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