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Statements  COVID-19
Statements COVID-19

Statements COVID-19

For passengers for consideration.

Counting from March 15th 2020 , 00.00 hrs Polish goverment introduced new regulations in passenger movement to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Passengers, Polish citizens, coming from abroad after the date will become subject to 14 days quarantine at home. Forigners coming to Poland shall be restricted even more. This will last from Sunday 15/03/2020 till 12/06/2020. The period of time, if necessary, may last longer.

Sanitary inspections.
After the ferry arrives to Poland the border sanitary inspections will take place for all the passengers entering the territory of Poland. Polish Immigration control will consist of checking the temperature as well as filled Passenger Cards will be taken. More information on the pages of: Glowny Inspektorat Sanitarny. The Passenger Card shall be taken and filled before the sea voyage , download PDF file .
The safety of our passengers is ensured by some procedures like checking the body temperature of all the passengers entering the ferry both in Sweden and Poland.
Passengers with high temperature and sympthoms of illness will not be allowed to enter the ferry and such a case will be reported to State Services. This is because of the Owner's good care , safety and convenience of our passengers and crew.

We do not charge for any manipulation costs resulting from reservation changes for trips till 12.06.2020.
Due to the fact the COVID-19 keeps spreading voyages become a kind of uncertainty we are conscious of that and take utmost attention. We are also helpful to plan your trip if necessary, Infolinia +48 22 230 2222

POLFERRIES operates its ferries as according to the timetable and cargo service as it used to be before.

Below You will find our statements about the current situation related to the COVID-19


Obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public places.
In connection with introduction of new regulations in order to prevent spreading epidemic of the coronavirus – compulsory covering mouth and nose in public places. We would like to inform that any passenger from Thursday, April 16, 2020, staying in the public places of the ferry must wear a mask, scarf or head scarf that covers the mouth and nose. The rule applies to all passengers and crew members. We also inform about the possibility of buying masks in stores and receptions on ferries.


Cabin for each passenger. 
For your safety and to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, please reserve a berth in the cabin for each passenger during day and night cruises. Valid until 28/05/2020.


Not all foreign residents are banned from entering Poland

The ban on entering the Republic of Poland does not apply to:

  • citizens of the Republic of Poland
  • foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens of the Republic of Poland or remain under permanent care of citizens of the Republic of Poland
  • holders of the Pole’s Card
  • diplomats
  • persons who have the right of permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Poland or a work permit
  • in particularly justified cases which have not been listed above, the commanding officer of a Border Guard outpost, upon authorisation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Border Guard, can allow a foreigner to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland according to the procedure set out in the Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 35)
  • foreigners driving a vehicle intended for transporting goods.

The compulsory quarantine does not apply to:

  • persons from near-border areas who live in Poland, but work every day in the neighbouring country and regularly cross the border;
  • foreign citizens who live in the neighbouring country, but work in Poland and regularly cross the border;
  • professional freight and passenger transport drivers performing their duties.

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