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Polityka QHSE i cyberbezpieczeństwa

Polityka QHSE i cyberbezpieczeństwa

The basis of the conducted operational  activities of Polska Żegluga Bałtycka SA constitutes the system of management of quality, safety and environment QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), the purpose being to assure compliance with the QHSE procedures and synergy with the natural environment, in accordance with the international standards: ISO 9001:2015, International Code of Management of Safe Exploitation of Ships and Prevention Pollutions, Convention on Work on Sea – MLC and International Code of Protection of Ship and Port.

Implementation and development of the QHSE management system and Management System

Cybersecurity results from the awareness of conventional provisions of meeting the needs and requirements of our Clients and requirements demanded by other interested parties.

We are aware that clients and other parties expect to be handled by a qualified personnel functioning in efficient and effective organizational structure.

Bearing the abovementioned in mind we took the following strategic goals, health protection, environment protection, safety and cybersecurity:

  • developing and maintaining such a level of services, which will fully face the requirements of our clients,
  • monitoring the influence of activity of the Company on the environment,
  • assuring supervision over the energetic effectiveness;
  • assuring safe exploitation of the ships possessed, safe conditions of work and avoiding destruction of environment, in particular marine environment and cybersecurity;
  • constant improvement of the quality, environment and HSE results
  • using environmentally-friendly technologies.

We realize these goals by means of:

  • implementing and improving the system of management of quality, safety and cybersecurity,
  • extending and developing design awareness in the whole company,
  • informing our clients and other parties interested on achievements in improving our services,
  • analysis of risk and process and business chances which reflect the context and competences of the Company to the existing situation directed to the fulfillment of the needs of the clients, other parties interested in the management system and independent bodies of control,
  • raising qualifications of the employees by means of pro-educational policy of the company,
  • constant improvement of the owner’s staff in managing safety and cybersecurity
  • proper preparation to activity in the state of threat to the ship and environment.

All employees and persons working under our supervision are responsible for the realization of the pro-quality activities.

The Top Management defined the above QHSE and cybersecurity policy and assures that it is affiliated with the expectations and needs of the clients and other parties interested, as well as goals of the company’s activity. The policy is understood, implemented and maintained on all levels of the Company.

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