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Safety first

Safety first

Our Integrated Management System within QHSE standards supports implementation of corporation policy guidelines and assist at understanding a phenomenon of company’s responsibility due to employees and Clients. We have the certification according to the norm PN-EN ISO 9001:2015,  the ISM Code, the MLC Code.

The key area of business activity of the Polish Baltic Shipping Company (PŻB) S.A. is assurance of the highest quality of services by creating a culture of safe work according to the principle SAFETY FIRST. Modern management systems, which guarantee safe shipping and a system of passenger service are very important for us. In case any breakdown, an unauthorized access to data or a human failure which could occur and disturb the service or even a threat for passengers safety and a crew of a ship. The company is conducted on the basis of the systems: quality management, safe vessels operations and pollution prevention and international maritime labour law provisions.

One of the significant elements of QHSE system is a rule of safety assurance and accidents prevention.

Thanks to permanent safety analysis and observation a recognition of threats and accidents prevention are possible by a continuous learning about a safety state observing. Safety system is based on the elementary principles:

  • promotion  of work method safety by adjusting dangerous actions,
  • applying safety rules as an obligation of all employees,
  • you can always prevent from any accidents and professional diseases.

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