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The Gdańsk Christmas Fair, one of the most beautiful in Europe, begins on 24 November!

One of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets will be held 24 from November to 23 December. The Christmas Fair in Gdańsk, Poland, will once again introduce visitors to the wondrous pre-Christmas atmosphere, providing plenty of attractions and lovely gift ideas. This year’s motto of the Fair is: Celebrating in Gdańsk! All fans of the Christmas atmosphere are welcome!

The spirit of last year’s Gdańsk Christmas Fair was so magically festive that it gave all its visitors plenty to remember. How do we know this? It was confirmed by more than 48,000 Internet users who voted for us in the European Best Christmas Markets 2023 poll. This made us the overall runner-up. The honour allows us to call ourselves one of the most beautiful European Christmas markets. In the poll, people from 179 countries put us in the top five fairs, ahead of Craiova, Romania; Vienna, Austria; and Montbéliard, France. The market in Budapest, Hungary, received the greatest number of votes.

Being recognised Europe-wide gives us a sense of pride. But this does not mean we will rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we want our Christmas Fair to be even more delightful and attract even more visitors for family and social gatherings, shopping for Christmas gifts and looking for Christmas inspiration. Last year, we had more than 700,000 visitors from over a dozen countries!

Become one of them this year! Buy a ticket for Christmas trip with Polferries to Gdańsk.


Want to stay longer in Gdańsk?

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Gdansk offers Polferries passengers a 15% discount on all room categories. The discount is valid from November 24 to December 23, 2023. Send an e-mail at, provide your ferry reservation number and special code: POLFERRIES CHRISTMAS!

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The heart of the Fair beats not only at Targ Węglowy

In 2023, the Gdańsk Christmas Fair will continue for four weeks. As always, Targ Węglowy (the Coal Market) will become a place for you to find fairground attractions, a food zone and part of the shopping area. Christmas gifts, often handmade by exhibitors, alongside inspirations and activities for all age groups, will also be available in Tkacka and Bogusławskiego Streets, in Zbrojownia (the Armoury) and in the Forum Gdańsk courtyard.


Christmas Corners, with something for children and adults alike

The Christmas Corners have become a Christmas Fair tradition, attracting entire families. On winter days, Lucky the Moose will warm you up with his jokes and, on a break from the Christmas shopping frenzy, you can let yourself go on the Carousel. In Santa’s Corner, you will meet the gentleman with a long white beard, while in the Art Corner, you can delight in and buy unique handicrafts.

We promise that there will be no shortage of new arrivals, which we will keep informing you about in the weeks to come.

Join us for the 2023 Christmas Fair in Gdańsk!

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