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General information for passengers
Information for passengers

General information for passengers

Important information regarding the rules of sale of transport services for passengers embarking, as well as behavior during the cruise and the carrier's liability.​

The detailed terms of contract of carriage are set out in the Conditions of Carriage. Passengers are required to read the Conditions of Passengers Carriage, their luggage and vehicles on ferries, before approving the contract. These conditions are an integral part of the contract of carriage concluded between the passenger and the Polish Baltic Shipping SA in Kolobrzeg. Content of Conditions of Carriage is available at the point of sale of transport services, in Ferry Terminals, on ferries and on websites

1. "Transport service" means the carriage of a passenger and his luggage by sea, on the basis of a contract of carriage. Sale of transport services is carried out by the Marine Travel Agencies Polferries, Ferry Terminals and authorized Agents.

2. It is recommended to make bookings for all types of transport services no later than 24 hours before planned date of travel.

3. Transport services are sold only for a clearly specified date of travel.

4. Passenger paying the transport service fee, confirms the choice made and at the same time accepts Polferries Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

5. The booker is obliged to provide the Carrier with names, age (including children and infants), gender and nationality of passengers at the time of booking. Passenger data appearing on the travel document must always be identical with the information in the passport or passenger’s identity card. Carrier will refuse to carry a person, who is not registered in the sales and bookings computer system. In case of the ticket, travelers information must be given no later than 24 hours prior to departure.

6. Using the transport service may take place within 6 months from the originally declared dates, unless the terms of special offer provide otherwise. Date of cruise can be changed in the above-mentioned period, providing that the changes are made in the computer sales system and booked no later than 24 hours before the declared date of travel. Failure to report changes within the above-mentioned period, will result in the inability to travel, without the right to a refund of the carriage charge. The first change in the ticket is free of charge, each next is additionally paid.

7. Passengers can opt out of whole or part of a transport service with the right to a partial refund, providing that the resignation is made in a computer sales system and booking no later than 24 hours before the departure. When making a refund, the deduction is subject to 30% service charge fee. Subsequent cancellation or no-shows at the time of check in not a basis for reimbursement of fees paid. Return trips can be refunded, but only before their start. When making a refund, the deduction is subject to 30% service charge fee. Offers partially used will not be refunded.

8. Changes in the ticket must be reported at least 24 hours before the departure. Fee applies for the ticket changes. The first change is free of charge.

9. In the event of VAT invoice sale, refund may be made only where VAT invoice was issued, while the other sale (receipt) refund is possible at the point of purchase of the transportation service, in the Marine Travel Agency Polferries, at Ferry Terminals or the Head Office.

10. When booking the cabin, passenger is obliged to pay for all beds, even when the cabin stays less people than it accommodates.

11. People under 17 may travel only accompanied by an adult. Children under 7 can benefit from a common space in the cabin, along with a supervisor.

1. Vehicle driver should have, regardless of the original driving license and registration certificate, the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability, international card roadside assistance (so-called Green Card) and the identification of the country of registration. With the obligation to hold a Green Card, in accordance with EU regulations, are exempt citizens of countries belonging to the European Union.

2. If the total weight exceeds 3.5 tons or total length exceeds 14m (including the trailer) the car is treated as a truck.

3. During the cruise passengers are not allowed to stay inside the car or on the car deck. The car should be left to run, have handbrake, straightened the wheel and be properly closed to prevent third party access. It is forbidden to carry petrol in canisters and other containers, bottles filled with propane-butane and other hazardous materials. Smoking on the car deck is prohibited.

4. The order of loading and unloading the vehicles and position on the car deck depends entirely on the decision of the loading officer. The driver is obliged to wait for a signal of cargo officer, permitting to turn on the engine and move vehicle.

5. Waiting list is valid until the day of ferry departure.

1. On the Ferry Terminal, based on the document of identity and a ticket number, the passenger receives an embarkation card, which should be kept for the duration of travel.

2. Information about start of check-in and ferry loading is given on the price list of each line. Carrier does not guarantee the transport of passengers and vehicles in the event of late arrival to the check-in and loading, than specified in the information, despite the booking made or transport service purchased.

1. The carrier is not liable for damages resulting from the delay in delays in arrival/departure of ferry from the port, cancelled cruises or calling at ports other than scheduled, due to technical problems or force majeure, e.g. bad weather conditions and other factors outside of the control of carrier.

2. The Passenger is obliged to cover the costs of damages caused by his behavior during the cruise.

3. In case authorities of the border made a decision which does not allow to disembark (visa considerations or others), the passenger is obliged to pay for the return journey.

4. Management of the ferry may refuse to embark passengers, despite having paid for a transport service, in case their behavior can cause nuisance.

5. The Carrier, its representative offices and the crew are not responsible for lost or damaged luggage left unattended.

6. Any complaints concerning the services onboard the ferry should be directed immediately to the ferry reception. In the event of personal injury or health issues, passenger has the right to submit his claim to the carrier in writing, not later than 15 days after the ferry departure. Letters should be directed to the Polish Baltic Shipping SA, ul. Portowa 41, 78-100 Kolobrzeg, Poland.

1. For passengers travelling by sea without a valid ticket. 
According to Art. 33a of Transport Law, carrier or a person authorized by him, holder of an identifier placed in a prominent place, is allowed for ticket inspections. In case of lack of a valid ticket confirming the entitlement to free or discounted travel, the carrier or a person authorized by him collects the right amount towards the transportation and additional fee, or issues request for payment. The amount of the surcharge is determined as 2 times regular one way fare.
An additional fee will also apply to the holder of the ticket, in whose vehicle higher amount of people were found, than declared at the passengers check-in.

2. The guide or guardian accompanying blind or incapable of independent existence person travelling, mentioned in the Act of 20 June 1992 regarding entitlements for a reduced fare on public transport (Journal of Laws no. 02.175.1440) are entitled to a discount for the travel in the amount of disabled person price of travelling services. The discount does not include the price of the cabin and other extras offered on the ferry.

3. Passengers carrying pets (also in cages, baskets) are obliged to purchase, at their disposal, appointed cabin on the ferry and they are at the same time responsible for its sanitary condition. In case of unavailability of such cabins, pets transport is not allowed. Warning! The number of such cabins is limited. In public areas, passenger traveling with a dog has the duty of keeping a dog on a leash and muzzled. Passengers are obliged to familiarize with veterinary regulations of the country and have all the documents required to export a pet to the country of destination. Carrier may refuse to transport an animal if their stay on the ship, according to the assessment of the Carrier, shall be considered as endangering the safety of passengers or crew. In this case, the fee paid shall be refunded.

4. The passenger has the right to carry baggage up to 50 kg free of charge. Luggage exceeding the weight of 50 kg will be treated as cargo and transported based on a transport document after paying freight, calculated according to the applicable tariff on the load line. The passenger is responsible for informing the Carrier about luggage / personal belongings exceeding the limit above. Carrier reserves the right to reject or qualify as cargo, for which freight is payable, any luggage carried, that breach these terms and conditions. Carrier is not liable for the consequences of non-fulfillment of the above requirements by the passenger.

5. Smoking is prohibited, except designated places on the ferry. For violation of the smoking ban, passenger may be charged a penalty specified in section 10.7 of Conditions of Carriage.

6. There shall be no refunds of money due, while on the ferry.

7. Carrier reserves the right to implement additional charges, such as fuel surcharge, devaluation fee.

8. Passengers are obliged to leave the cabin half an hour before the ferry arrival to the port. Before leaving the cabin, carefully check if any remaining objects owned by the passenger are left in the cabin. The ship owner takes no responsibility for items left in the cabin.

9. Passengers personal data will be processed only for execution of the contract of carriage in accordance with the requirements of the Act dated August 29, 1997. (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 101, item. 926, as amended). Passengers purchasing transport service consent to data processing in this area.

10. Carrier reserves the right to change the schedule and price list without notice by posting the changes in the customary manner.

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