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Important information for passengers buying tickets online
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Important information for passengers buying tickets online

  1. Payment can be made by: Credit cards:

  1.  Please note any changes to tickets bought online under promotion terms are subject to extra charge on prices currently in force and effect. Prices are available on
  1. All items listed in the current pricelist except for „10-Passage Ticket“, „5-Passage Ticket“ as well as buses are available online. Said special offers are available directly at Polferries’ Agents.
  1. Ticket from Swinoujscie to Copenhagen via Ystad and from Copenhagen to Swinoujscie via Ystad guarantees a crossing of the Öresund Bridge for motorised passengers.
    Motorised passengers - to receive a number for the bridge should contact the Ferry Terminal tel: +48 22 230 2222 (Mon-Fri: 8:00-18:00; Sat: 8:00-16:00) or PolenGO office in Copenhagen tel: + 45 44 45 12 80 (Mon-Fri: 9:30-17:00). The Shipowner is not liable for additional costs if the above condition will not be fulfilled.
  1.  Tickets can be bought no later than 2 hours before departure.
  1.  While buying your ticket please read and accept the Online Purchase Terms and the Conditions of Carriage
  1.  The amount of refund (upon deductible) may be transferred to the credit card account the original transaction was paid by only. To do so please send the following details: name and surname, ticket number and telephone number to .
  1. Should you need an invoice please send an email to: giving your ticket number and correct data necessary for issuing the invoice.
  1.  In case of any doubt or comments to the system please contact us
    - by phone: +48 22 230 2222
    - by e-mail:

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