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M/F Mazovia

m/f Mazovia - built in 1996 and renovated in 2012.
When purchased in 2014 it was rebuilt again, which resulted in additional accomodation and catering areas being created.
Ferry's capacity is 1000 passengers (including 506 places inside the cabins).

Technical and Operational specifications:
Length - 168,15 m
Width - 27,70 m
Draught - 6m
Length of load line - 2620 m (140 trucks or 600 cars) Service speed - 16,7 knots Ferry meets the requirements of existing Conventions, recommendations of International Maritime Organisation, as well as other navigation restrictions.

m/f Mazovia - Deck Guide

Offers the lovers of fast, simple meals, tasty dishes. Compose a delicious meal - just as you like it!

 5.30-7.30; 12.30-15.30; 17.00-19.30; 21.00-24.00

Those who prefer to spend a quiet evening at e.g. pint of beer, are invited to Cafe. Our bartenders for sure will propose something interesting.

Onboard you can check your luck at slot machine games of chance and prove your intuition in Black Jack

5.30-6.30; 12.30-19.30; 21.00-2.00

Shopping in our stores (deck 8) is a real pleasure. Here you'll find a wide assortment of perfumes, sweets, alcohol - at excellent prices. On the ferry we also offer designer clothes and accessories of the following brands: Levi's, Gatta, Wolbar, Cornette. In the alcohol shop ask about deals - we really offer attractive prices.

Methods of payment in the shop:
- Cash: Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Euro
- credit/debit cards

5.30-7.00; 16.00-20.00; 21.30-23.30

For the little ones - for each child sea cruise is a great experience. It is worth to let it leave behind beautiful and joyful memories. Especially for our young passengers we organize art competitions with prizes!

In the cabin there are three separate beds, a table with chairs, fridge and TV.

  • Cabin size: 22m2
  • Separate bathroom
  • Breakfast is included in the cabin price

In the cabin two are two separate beds, a table with chairs, fridge and TV.

  • Powierzchnia kabiny: 16m2
  • Cabin size:
  • Breakfast is included in the cabin price

Deck 10

Discover how our ferries look from inside. Point your mouse over the colored part of the plans, decks and view Street View pictures of selected rooms. Feel like onboard the ship! :

  •   Sun deck

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