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M/F Wawel
m/f Wawel

M/F Wawel

m/f Wawel built in Malmö Sweden in 1980, rebuilt in in Bremerhaven in 1989, in 2004 converted in Polish shipyard in Gdansk to adjust the ship according to the requirements of present owner, Polferries, the ferry can take 1000 passengers on board the ship (including 511 berths in new, modern cabins) also equipped with shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

Main particulars:

  • Length: 163,96 m 
  • Width: 27,63 m 
  • Depth: 6,52 m 
  • Line meters: 1490 m (310 personal cars and 50 lorries) 
  • Speed: 16,7 knots
  • The ship follows the relevant conventions for passenger ships as well as IMO requirements and all other regulations for a ship of this type.

Facilities on board:
Apart from standard facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and a café there is also a conference room / a cinema.

  • Conference room / cinema, deck 7, above the reception: 68 seats. Equipment: overhead projector, DVD player, screen, cordless microphone.
  • Restaurant, deck 6: 84 seats (lower restaurant), 120 seats (upper restaurant). Equipment: DVD player, cordless microphone.
  • Self-service restaurant, deck 6: 104 seats. 
  • Café, deck 6: 150 seats. Equipment: DVD player, cordless microphone. A part of the café is used as a casino with a Black Jack table and slot machines.
  • Disco, deck 8: 60 seats. Equipment: professional disco equipment (the lights and sound equipment).
  • Grill Bar with a garden on open deck, deck 7
  • Airplane chairs, deck 6, behind the café: 136 seats.
m/f Wawel - Deck Guide

Especially for our passengers traveling in organized groups and for truck drivers, upper level of our restaurant is designated. 

Elegant restaurant invites lovers of gourmet cuisine. Here, with a glass of good wine, you can enjoy meals from our menu. For wine connoisseurs, we recommend a wide range of wines from different parts of the world. The offer includes "wine of the month" at a special price. On selected cruises, we invite you to the "Culinary dalliance" with the Chef - our top chefs will show how to cook and decorate dishes typical for the Baltic Sea.

Those who prefer to spend a quiet evening at e.g. pint of beer, are invited to Cafe. Our bartenders for sure will propose something interesting.
Onboard you can check your luck at slot machine games of chance and prove your intuition in Black Jack

Those who prefer to spend a quiet evening at e.g. pint of beer, are invited to Cafe. Our bartenders for sure will propose something interesting.
Onboard you can check your luck at slot machine games of chance.

Shopping in our stores (deck 6) is a real pleasure. Here you'll find a wide assortment of perfumes, sweets, alcohol - at excellent prices. On the ferry we also offer designer clothes of the following brands: Levi's, Gatta, Wolbar, Cornette. In the alcohol shop ask about deals - we really offer attractive prices.

Methods of payment in the shop:
- Cash: Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Euro
- credit/debit cards

Welcome to the largest dance floor on the Baltic Sea! Our passengers have lots of fun in the evening in an energetic disco. With colorful drinks and good music, you can spend a fantastic evening there. On some cruises bartending shows take place here - "bartender fantasies!" Make sure you taste the mixtures made by our bartenders - really worth it!

During the trip, we invite you to our maritime theater, where, apart from action and drama movies, we also recommend newly released ones.

For the little ones - for each child sea cruise is a great experience. It is worth to let it leave behind beautiful and joyful memories. Especially for our young passengers we organize art competitions with prizes!

Barbecue in the middle of the Baltic Sea? Amazing atmosphere on the deck makes grilled food taste even better. Barbecue bar is open in summer season.

Deck 8

Discover how our ferries look from inside. Point your mouse over the colored part of the plans, decks and view Street View pictures of selected rooms. Feel like onboard the ship! :

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